The docu-soap covering Manfred and Barbara Hartmann's arrival, and first months in Canada, aired January 29 on and by now moved to the archives of TvNow in Germany. As soon as the camera crew left, the Hartmanns were no longer willing to honour the sponsorship contract they had agreed to, in order to obtain a 2 year work visa. Along with employment, we had offered the Hartmanns a lucrative lease-buy option under condition they abide by all the rules and regulations set forth by Canada Immigration. We are dismayed to see the falsified account Manfred and Barbara Hartmann are presenting on Reality Television.

The Hartmann were offered a 'dream-immigration', with every detail taken care of for them. We made sure to pick them up at the airport, provided fully furnished living quarters, an absolutely beautiful place of employment. In return, they agreed to manage, bake, and cook, and continue the successful French style Café model and menu already in place. They were also permitted to add new menu items.

We made the effort to sponsor a German master baker and pastry chef, because Café Brioche d'Or was growing, we could no longer keep up with the demand, and could not find a local baker or pastry chef with the required resumé and experience.

Fact 1
We were thrilled when the Hartmanns arrived, and they received our full support, but rejected it the moment the camera crew left. They refused training, demanded we step out of the picture and kept delaying opening until we agreed. They refused help with marketing or advertising, and still without food handler's license, insisted on making the Barista work overtime every single day, instead of taking advantage of our offer to fill in free of charge. We were told that we were not welcome at our own Café.

Fact 2
Manfred Hartmann initially agreed to weekly business meetings, but then refused to accommodate them. When we finally insisted on scheduling a meeting on Wednesday, June 21 due to a number of disconcerting red flags, he accused us of harassment. Later that same day he notified us in writing that he was no longer willing to fulfill the duties as outlined und undersigned in his sponsorship contract, and would no longer work on weekends or do any purchasing.

Fact 3
Based on the previous fact we decided to transfer $3300 from the corporate account to the credit card account given exclusively to the Hartmanns to pay for all Café/Bakery supplies needed. This amount did not even cover the whole credit card balance owed and to this day several receipts totalling over $1400 for purchases made by the Hartmanns are still unaccounted for. The Hartmanns claimed there was almost no money left in the bank account which is true because of bad business practices and steadily declining sales.

Fact 4
We discovered later that Barbara Hartmann stopped reporting to work by June 22. Brunch, an essential part of our Café menu, was no longer offered to customers, and Manfred Hartmann kept taking off before lunch time, leaving the Barista to fend for herself all day.

Fact 5
Manfred Hartmann moved out almost all of his personal belongings and tools prior to his termination, and was quite obviously not planning to report to work the following week. The bakery/kitchen were left behind dirty, with every single baking sheet stored in racks filthy.

Fact 6
Locks at the Café were changed the evening of Sunday, June 25 when it was decided to terminate Manfred Hartmann, because cash deposits and equipment were missing. He received his letter of termination on Monday when the Café was closed for business anyway. Final pay checks were sent to the Hartmanns which required private funding by us to cover the amount needed.

Fact 7
It was hinted by Manfred Hartmann he had no idea why he was locked out of the Café and maybe the owners were jealous of their success! Really? Why would we have gone through all this effort and money in trying very hard to make it all work out!

Fact 8
We made a special effort to furnish a rental house for this family before their arrival, to make them feel welcome and comfortable, since Manfred Hartmann initially claimed they'd be arriving only with half a container, and hardly anything. This rental never was, nor is, a vacation rental. Hartmanns were not required to move out after termination at the Café, as they stayed in the house for 3 more months before deciding to end the lease by October 31.

Fact 9
The Hartmanns did not leave a forwarding address when they chose to move out, with rent not paid. They also changed locks to the entire house, including basement and shed, without owners permission. A court judgement had to be obtained against Hartmanns, and only with collection by the Sheriff looming, they finally chose to pay what they still owed.

Fact 10
For now we declined further interviews with the film crew of Goodbye Germany because the legal issues with the Hartmanns are not resolved yet. A court date for claims against the Hartmanns has been set for March.

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